Easy Aloo Paratha Without Stuffing | How To Make Aloo Ka Paratha

aloo ka paratha without stuffing vegan indian breakfast snack recipe plantbased

2SharesAloo paratha is a popular Indian flatbread made using whole wheat flour along with spicy stuffed potato filling and relished with curds or pickles. This is one of the popular Indian breakfast dishes loved by all from kids to adults. This is a vegan, beginner-friendly and easy-to-make recipe. Normally when you hear aloo paratha it’s … Read more

Lal Bhoplyachi Puri – Pumpkin Masala Puri

vegan pumpkin masala puri kaddu ki puri lal bhoplyahci puri masala puri recipe plantbased Indian snack recipe

4SharesLal bhoplyachi puri in English translates to pumpkin poori (savoury) and in Hindi is known as Kaddu ki poori. Lal bhopla is also known as red pumpkin in English and kaddu in Hindi. This is a vegan, no onion no garlic and beginner-friendly Indian snack recipe. Pumpkin masala poori is a deep-fried savoury puffed puri made with red pumpkin that is mixed with whole wheat flour along with spices and … Read more

Lal Bhoplyache Gharge – Sweet Pumpkin Poori

107SharesLal bhoplyache gharge in English translates to sweet pumpkin poori and in Hindi is known as Kaddu ki meethi poori. Lal bhopla is also known as red pumpkin in English and kaddu in Hindi. This is a vegan Indian snack recipe. Lal bhoplyache gharge / sweet pumpkin poori is a traditional Maharashtrian snack recipe that … Read more

How To Make Palak Puri | Spinach Puri Recipe

157SharesPalak Puri / Spinach Puri is a deep-fried bread that is served with curry and vegetables or eaten as a snack. Palak means Spinach and Puri means Flatbread. This is a crispy vegan recipe. Puri is an Indian flatbread made using wheat flour or all-purpose flour that is deep-fried in oil. Puris are an integral … Read more

Khamanga Dudhi Bhoplyache Vade | Lauki ki Poori | Bottle Gourd Poori

113SharesDudhi bhoplyache vade / Lauki ki poori is a crispy puffed poori made using grated dudhi (Bottle Gourd) along with rice flour and aromatic spices & herbs. This is a vegan, gluten-free and no onion garlic recipe. Dudhi bhopla, also known as Bottle gourd in English and Lauki in Hindi is a popular vegetable often … Read more

How to make Poori | Poori Recipe | Puri Recipe

33SharesPoori is an Indian flatbread that makes the best accompaniment to curries and vegetables. This is a vegetarian recipe and is often made during auspicious occasions and festivities. Pooris are made with either plain wheat flour or all-purpose flour (maida). These pooris are deep-fried in hot oil and are eaten as a snack or with … Read more

Stuffed Aloo Paratha | Stuffed Aloo ka Paratha Recipe

30SharesI was never fond of aloo paratha since my childhood. I tasted so many version of this famous aloo paratha in restaurants but never seemed to like it, no matter what. That’s the reason I never tried it until now as I was so confident that I would hate it anyways. But now after playing … Read more

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