Egg Bhurji Street Style | Anda Bhurji (Mumbai Street Food)

11SharesEgg bhurji is an Indian-style spicy scrambled egg recipe popularly known as Anda Bhurji. Egg bhurji is a high-protein, diabetic-friendly, keto-friendly and beginner & bachelor-friendly recipe. It won’t be wrong if I’d say, that egg bhurji is a staple food of Mumbai. This is one of the easiest recipes that is nutritious and packed with … Read more

Egg Curry Recipe With Coconut | Anda Curry

175SharesEgg curry / Anda curry is a popular Indian curry made using boiled eggs that are immersed in delicious, spicy & flavourful coconut-based curry infused with aromatic spices. This egg curry / Anda masala is delicious, protein-packed. Served with bread, roti, phulka or rice, this egg curry / anda curry is a sure shot for delicious comfort food. This is a protein-rich nutritious Indian … Read more