Khatta Meetha Kaddu | Sweet And Sour Pumpkin Curry

khatta meetha kaddu bhandarewale kaddu sweet and sour pumpkin recipe

39SharesKhatta meetha kaddu in English translates to sweet & sour pumpkin curry. This is a vegan, no onion no garlic, beginner & bachelor-friendly recipe. This pumpkin / kaddu sabji is also known as bhandarewali kaddu ki sabji, petha ki sabji. Pumpkin is called kaddu in Hindi and lal bhopla in Marathi. This sweet and sour … Read more

Black-Eyed Bean Curry | Chavali usal | Lobia Masala

86SharesChavali usal / lobia masala / Black-eyed bean curry is a protein-rich delicious curry.  Chavali is also known as Black-eyed bean or Lobia. This is a vegan, protein-rich and diabetic-friendly recipe. Black-eyed bean is such a popular legume that is made almost all around the world. The healthy legume is rich in iron and fiber.  In India, the recipe varies from state to state. In the north this bean curry is made … Read more

Vangi Batata Rassa | Aloo Baingan Ki Sabji | Eggplant Potato Curry

aloo baingan ki sabji

115SharesVangi Batata Rassa in English means eggplant potato curry and in Hindi, it is called aloo baingan ki sabji. This is a vegan recipe. This is a simple & super easy everyday recipe made with small eggplants and potatoes along with earthy spices and herbs. This quick and simple eggplant curry is popularly made in … Read more

Dal Fry Recipe | How To Make Dal Fry

132SharesDal fry is a delicious lentil-based Indian curry. This is of the most popular Indian comfort food served along with rice or flatbreads. This is a vegan and protein-rich recipe. Dal fry means cooked dal stir-fried in flavourful onion tomatoes ginger and garlic based tempering along with earthy spices. This is an easy and healthy … Read more

Valache Birda | Dalimbi Usal | Sprouted Field Beans Curry

vegan sprouted field beans curry

45SharesValache Birda is a simple flavourful coconut-based vegan curry.  Vaal in English means Field Beans or Hyacinth Beans. This recipe is also popularly known as Dalimbi chi usal or Vaal Usal and is one of the traditional Maharashtrian recipes. The sprouts used are known as kadve val. Kadve val is famous in Maharashtrian and Konkan cuisine. These … Read more

Masoor Dal | Whole Brown Lentil Curry

sabut masoor usal dal

285SharesMasoor dal curry is popularly known as sabut masoor ki dal / masoor chi usal or whole brown lentil curry. This is a healthy, vegan, protein-rich, diabetic-friendly, fiber-rich, gluten-free and beginner-friendly recipe that is often made for a quick weekday lunch or dinner. Dal or dhal is an essential part of the Indian main course. … Read more

Egg Curry Recipe With Coconut | Anda Curry

153SharesEgg curry / Anda curry is a popular Indian curry made using boiled eggs that are immersed in delicious, spicy & flavourful coconut-based curry infused with aromatic spices. This egg curry / Anda masala is delicious, protein-packed. Served with bread, roti, phulka or rice, this egg curry / anda curry is a sure shot for delicious comfort food. This is a protein-rich nutritious Indian … Read more

Tomato Saar | Maharashtrian Tomatocha Saar Recipe

97SharesTomato saar is an authentic Maharashtrian version of the famous Tomato Soup. This tomato saar is mildly spiced, sweet & tangy in taste. This saar is made using fresh ripe tomatoes and coconut milk along with herbs and spices. This is a healthy, no onion no garlic and vegan recipe. Tomato saar is a tempered … Read more

Kanda Batata Rassa Bhaji (Maharashtrian Style) – Onion Potato Curry

149SharesKanda batata rassa bhaji in English means onion potato curry. Sliced onions are tossed with cubed potatoes and simmered in an aromatic spice blend of Goda Masala ( Maharashtrian spice blend). This is typically a Maharashtrian Brahmin-style recipe. This is a vegan preparation. Kanda batata rassa is a traditional and quintessential part of Maharashtrian cuisine. This curry is loved by all especially children and … Read more

Phodnicha Varan (Maharashtrian Style) | Tempered Lentil Curry

168SharesPhodnicha varan in English is translated to tempered lentil curry. Phodnicha varan is a nutritious, comforting & healthy lentil curry recipe made using turdal also known as split pigeon pea lentils or arhar dal. Phodnicha varan / tempered lentil curry pairs best with steam rice along with dry potato sabji and some fried poppadum. This … Read more

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