Ragda Pattice (Ragda Patties)

Ragda Pattice (Ragda Patties) https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/ragda-pattice-maharashtrian-street-food-mumbai-chaat-recipe-vegan-vegetarian-easy-quick-simple-snack-brunch-breakafast-lunch-dinner.png https://thespicycafe.com/tag/street-food-of-india/

Ragda pattice is a popular Indian street food snack recipe. This delicious chaat recipe is famous across the streets of Mumbai and Gujarat. Made with white peas, potato patty along with sweet, spicy, tangy chutneys. Every bite of this Ragda Pattice is a bursting explosion of flavours in your mouth. About Ragda Pattice Ragda pattice is a … Read more

Pasta In Red Sauce | Red Sauce Pasta Recipe

Pasta In Red Sauce | Red Sauce Pasta Recipe https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/3.png https://thespicycafe.com/tag/street-food-of-india/

Pasta in red sauce as the name suggests is a delicious pasta tossed in homemade tomato-based flavourful sauce. The dish itself is vegan, beginner-friendly and a kid’s favourite. Making red sauce pasta is super easy and made with basic ingredients. About Pasta in red sauce Pasta is a family favourite and we love to include … Read more

Corn Bhel | Corn Chaat | Sweet Corn Bhel Recipe

corn bhel corn chaat sweet corn chaat

Corn Bhel referred to as corn chaat or sweet corn bhel is a unique variation of our classic Indian bhel which is made of kurmura (puffed rice). This is a vegan & plant-based, beginner & bachelor friendly, vegetarian snack recipe. Making corn bhel is super easy and quick when you have chutney and boiled corn … Read more

How To Make Vegetable Momos

vegetable momos vegan recipe indian street food

Momos are a popular snack originally from Tibet & Nepal. This dumpling recipe is made with all-purpose flour and varieties of stuffing. The recipe shared here is a vegan recipe made using fresh vegetables. The recipe shared here is not a traditional momos recipe. You will find many roadside food vendors that serve these juicy dumplings … Read more