Kanda Tomato Koshimbir | Temperd Onion Tomato Salad

kanda tomato koshimbir onion tomato salad recipe vegan vegetarian plantbased snack side dish

47SharesKanda Tomato Koshimbir in English translates to Onion Tomato Salad. It is quick,easy and simple salad preparation.  This is a vegan, diabetic-friendly, beginner & bachelor-friendly plant-based recipe. Kanda means Onions and Koshimbir mean Salad. This koshimbir / salad is made with finely chopped onion & tomatoes and is tossed along with coarsely crushed peanuts, and tempered with mustard seeds and spices. The main … Read more

Imli Chutney Recipe- Tamarind Chutney

imli chutney tamarind chaat ki chutney khatti meethi chutney

65SharesImli chutney in English is translated as Tamarind Chutney. This chutney also known as khatti meethi chutney or khatti chaat ki chutney. It is a popular Indian dip served with snacks. The recipe is a vegan, gluten-free, beginner-friendly & bachelor-friendly recipe. If you love Indian food you are bound to love this sweet & sour … Read more

Hirvi Chutney | Coriander Chutney | Hari Dhainye Ki Chutney

coriander chutney - green chutney recipe

142SharesCoriander chutney! who doesn’t love it? Coriander chutney also known as green chutney or hari chutney is a popular Indian dip served with snacks & meals. The recipe is a vegan, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, beginner-friendly & bachelor friendly recipe. If you love Indian food you are bound to love this spicy, flavourful dip no matter what … Read more

Kadipatta Chutney | Curry Leaves Chutney

131SharesKadipatta chutney in English means Curry Leaves Chutney. Made with fresh curry leaves that are slightly roasted with lentils and spices to make a finger-licking healthy, nutritious and diabetic-friendly condiment that goes best with any meal and snack. A no onion no garlic, vegan and gluten-free chutney recipe. Throughout the year, I make sure my … Read more

Boondi Raita | How to make Boondi Raita

16SharesRaita is an Indian accompaniment made using yogurt as the main ingredient which is either spiced up or kept plain. Raw or cooked vegetables, fruits or Indian crispies such as boondi or shev are added to this yogurt. Raita is a healthy & delicious accompaniment to many Indian dishes such as Biryani, Theplas, Parathas, Curries … Read more

Coconut Chutney | How to make Nariyal ki Chutney

28SharesCoconut is a quintessential ingredient that is used abundantly in cuisine across the western coast of India and south India. Coconut Chutney is one of the most popular & versatile condiments that is served along with most of the South Indian dishes such as Idli, Dosa, Vadas, etc. Made out of fresh Coconut pulp that … Read more

Lasnachi Chutney | Sukhi Lasun Khobra Chutney | Garlic Coconut Chutney

96SharesLasnachi Chutney also known as garlic chutney, lehsun ki chutney is a popular condiment made in almost every household and used as a side dip in Indian street foods. Lasun means Garlic and Khobra mean Coconut. Dry coconut is used in making this chutney along with dry red chilles, tamrind, and lots of garlic. This … Read more