How To Sprout Matki (Moth Beans)

How To Sprout Matki (Moth Beans)

Legumes, lentils, and beans play an essential role in the Indian diet. Legumes are rich in protein, high in fibre, and a good source of antioxidants along with vitamins & minerals. Including legumes & pulses in everyday meals is a great way of including proteins when on a plant-based diet to get your daily intake of necessary nutrients. … Read more

Kala Chana Salad | Black Chickpea Salad (No Oil- No Sugar Weight Loss Salad)

chana salad, black chickpea salad vegen vegetarian high protein fiber rich salad recipe indian

Chana salad / black chickpea salad is a nutritious & healthy recipe made with kala chana (desi chana). This is a no oil, no sugar weight loss salad recipe. About Chana Salad (Chickpea Salad) If you are looking for simple, quick, super easy, no oil, no sugar protein-rich vegan salad recipe, then this is it! … Read more

Kanda Tomato Koshimbir | Temperd Onion Tomato Salad

kanda tomato koshimbir onion tomato salad recipe vegan vegetarian plantbased snack side dish

Kanda Tomato Koshimbir in English translates to Onion Tomato Salad. It is quick,easy and simple salad preparation.  This is a vegan, diabetic-friendly, beginner & bachelor-friendly plant-based recipe. Kanda means Onions and Koshimbir mean Salad. This koshimbir / salad is made with finely chopped onion & tomatoes and is tossed along with coarsely crushed peanuts, and tempered with mustard seeds and spices. The main … Read more

Instant Kairichi Chutney | Kacche Aam Ki Chutney | Raw Mango Chutney

kairi chi chutney kacche aam ki chutney raw mango chutney vegan gluten-free healthy indian condiment

Kairi chi chutney in English translates to raw mango chutney. This is a spicy & tangy condiment made with firm raw mangoes (kairi). This is vegan, no oil, gluten-free, beginner-friendly recipe. Kairi chi chutney also known as kaache aam ki chutney / green mango chutney / raw mango chutney is a flavourful spicy and tangy … Read more

Corn And Raw Mango Salad – Indian Style (Summer Salad)

vegan corn and raw mango summer salad recipe Indian style

Corn & raw mango salad is a refreshing summer salad recipe made with fresh sweet corn, tangy raw mango along with vegetables, herbs, and spices. This is a vegan, gluten-free, healthy and nutritious salad recipe. Summers are here and so are the summery salads with their vibrant colours. For me, summer is the best time … Read more

Chatpata Masala Sweet Corn

Chatpata Masala Sweet Corn

Chatpata Masala sweet corn is an Indian street style snack dish made using boiled / steam sweet corn kernels that are tossed in butter along with Indian spices. This is a sweet, tangy, spicy vegetarian and gluten-free snack recipe. I am always excited to make delicious, flavourful snacks at home. Like everyone we also love … Read more

Kakdi Koshimbir | Khamanga Kakdi | Cucumber Peanut Salad

kakdi chi koshimbir vegan cucumber salad recipe

Kakdi koshimbir also called Khamanga Kakdi is a typical Maharashtrian salad preparation. Kakdi means Cucumber and Koshimbir mean Salad. Made with two main ingredients that is cucumber and peanuts. This is a vegan, diabetic-friendly, no onion no garlic, healthy and refreshing salad. About Kakdi Chi Koshimbir Kakdi chi koshimbir (cucumber salad) is a simple and … Read more

Carrot Koshimbir | Gajarachi Koshimbir – Maharashtrian Style

Carrot Koshimbir | Gajarachi Koshimbir - Maharashtrian Style

Koshimbir is a staple of any Maharashtrian meal. Koshimbir is a generic term given to typical Maharashtrian Salad that is served as an accompaniment with everyday meals. They are easy to make, nutritious and refreshing. Carrot Salad / Gajarachi Koshimbir is a delicious, light & crisp salad that is easy and quick to make. Grated … Read more

Boondi Raita | How to make Boondi Raita

Boondi Raita | How to make Boondi Raita

Raita is an Indian accompaniment made using yogurt as the main ingredient which is either spiced up or kept plain. Raw or cooked vegetables, fruits or Indian crispies such as boondi or shev are added to this yogurt. Raita is a healthy & delicious accompaniment to many Indian dishes such as Biryani, Theplas, Parathas, Curries … Read more