Karlyachi Bhaji | Karela Sabzi |Bitter Gourd Stir Fry

Karlyachi Bhaji | Karela Sabzi |Bitter Gourd Stir Fry https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/1-karla-sabji-karlyachi-bhaji-maharashtrian-karela-sabji-easy-quick-vegan-vegetarian-bitter-gourd-stir-fry-lunch-dinner.png https://thespicycafe.com/tag/diabetic-friendly-recipes-2/

Karlyachi bhaji in English translates to Bitter Gourd stir fry and is called karela sabzi in Hindi. This is a healthy & nutritious sabzi apt for people suffering from diabetes. This is a vegan, beginner-friendly, diabetic-friendly recipe preparation. About Karlyachi Bhaji (Karela Sabzi) Karlyachi bhaji is a simple, quick and easy semi-dry vegetable recipe. Karla … Read more

Indian Masala Egg Omelette | Masala Anda Omelette

Indian Masala Egg Omelette | Masala Anda Omelette https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/15-Indian-masala-omelette-egg-omelette-easy-quick-simple-breakfast-snack-lunch-dinner-protein-rich-diabeticfriendly-healthy-nutritious-keto-diet-weightloss-recipe-egg-omelette.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/diabetic-friendly-recipes-2/

Indian masala egg omelette is a basic breakfast recipe packed with flavours. This is a popular street food served on Indian streets paired with toasted bread. This is a protein-rich, diabetic-friendly & beginner-friendly breakfast recipe. About Indian Masala Omelette Indian masala omelette as the name suggests is an Indian version of an egg omelette infused … Read more

Bhindi Bhaji (Maharashtrian Style) | Okra Fry Sabji

Bhindi Bhaji (Maharashtrian Style) | Okra Fry Sabji https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/1672891452503.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/diabetic-friendly-recipes-2/

Bhindi bhaji in English translates to Okra Stir Fry Veggie and in Marathi we call it Bhendi chi bhaji. This is a delicious everyday Indian vegetable preparation. It is the most popular and nutritious vegetable prepared almost in every household across India. This is a diabetic-friendly, fiber-rich, vegan and beginner-friendly recipe. About Bhindi Sabzi Bhindi … Read more

Methi Dal Recipe | Fenugreek Lentil Curry (Vegan)

Methi Dal Recipe | Fenugreek Lentil Curry (Vegan) https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/METHI-DAL-1.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/diabetic-friendly-recipes-2/

Methi dal is a comfort food made with fresh fenugreek leaves simmered in delicious Tovar dal/tur dal (pigeon pea lentil) that is infused with flavourful herbs and spices. This methi ki dal is also referred to as methi dal fry or methi dal tadka. This is a vegan, beginner & bachelor-friendly, diabetic-friendly, high-protein nutritious curry. … Read more

Pumpkin Soup – Healthy Pumpkin Soup Without Cream

Pumpkin Soup - Healthy Pumpkin Soup Without Cream https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/1669784577960.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/diabetic-friendly-recipes-2/

Pumpkin soup is a healthy, nutritious soup made using red blanched pumpkin. This is a vegan, diabetic-friendly, beginner & bachelor-friendly, heart-friendly, nutritious, fiber-rich recipe. This is an Indian-style vegetable soup recipe is also called kaddu soup or kaddu ka shorba. Red Pumpkin is a staple vegetable in India. This veggie is prepared almost every day for meals and served along with flatbreads or as a side dish with dal rice.  Apart … Read more

Chavali Chi Bhaji | Chavali Chi Palebhaji | Green Amaranth Sabji

Chavali Chi Bhaji | Chavali Chi Palebhaji | Green Amaranth Sabji https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/1668929428120.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/diabetic-friendly-recipes-2/

Chavali chi palebhaji in English translates to Green Amaranth and in Hindi is known as Cholai. This green leafy vegetable is also known as Hirva Math (Green Math Bhaji). This is a simple Indian stir-fry recipe packed with delicious flavours and full of nutrition. Chavali chi pale bhaji is a Marathi term given to green amaranth vegetable. … Read more

Mod Alelya Matki Chi Usal Maharashtrian Style – Moth Beans Curry

matki chi usal brahmin style maharashtrian style indian curry recipe moth beans curry vegan diabetic friendly high-protein matki usal sprouted matki dal

Matki Chi usal is a traditional Maharashtrian dish made with sprouted Matki (Moth Beans). This is a protein-rich delicious and nutritious curry.  Matki is also known as Moth Beans, Mat Beans or Dew Beans. This is a vegan, protein-rich, diabetic-friendly, and nutritious recipe. About Matki Usal Matki chi usal (moth bean curry) is very popular in Maharashtra and is … Read more

Ambadi Chi Patal Bhaji | Maharashtrian Style Gongura Curry

vegan plantbased ambadi chi patal bhaji maharashtrian style

Ambadi chi patal bhaji is a traditional Maharashtrian recipe made with gongura leaves also known as sorrel leaves. This is a typical Maharashtrian curry preparation in which cooked ambadi leaves (Gongura / Sorrel leaves) are combined with besan (gram flour) along with basic minimal spices which are then tempered with garlic and mustard seeds. Ambadi in English means Gongura leaves or sorrel leaves. Ambadi … Read more