Dal Pakwan | Sindhi Dal Pakwan Recipe | How To Make Dal Pakwan

Dal Pakwan | Sindhi Dal Pakwan Recipe | How To Make Dal Pakwan https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/30-sindhi-dal-pakwan-recipe-easy-breakfast-lunch-dinner-simple-quick-dal-poori-vegan-vegetarian-kids-appetizer-starters-indian-food-protein-rich-street-food-of-india.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/breakfast-recipes/

27SharesDal pakwan is a popular Sindhi breakfast made with two different components that are lentils which is called Dal in Hindi and Pakwan which is a crispy fried poori. This is a vegan, easy-to-make, high-protein recipe that is traditionally served for breakfast but can also be served for meals or brunch or as an evening … Read more

Medu Vada Recipe | Urad Dal Vada

Medu Vada Recipe | Urad Dal Vada https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/1-medu-vada-south-indian-ulundu-uddina-geralu-uzhunnu-urad-dal-vada-breakfast-snack-vegan-vegetarian-easy-quick-simple-Indian-snack-recipe.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/breakfast-recipes/

27SharesMedu vada also called urad dal vada is a popular South Indian snack recipe made from skinless black lentils. These are served with hot spicy, tangy sambar and coconut chutney. Medu vada is also called uddina vada, garelu, uzhunnu, ulundu vadai. These medu vada turns out fluffy and crispy. This is an easy, delicious, vegan, … Read more

Paneer Bhurji Recipe | Scrambled Cottage Cheese Recipe

1 paneer bhurji bhurjee indian cottage cheese vegetarian breakfast lunch dinner easy simple recipe

104SharesPaneer bhurji is an Indian delicacy made with paneer also known as Indian cottage cheese which is crumbled and added to flavourful onion-tomato masala. This is a high-protein, vegetarian,diabetic-friendly, keto-friendly and beginner & bachelor-friendly recipe. Paneer means Indian cottage cheese and bhurji means scrambled. Hence the name scrambled cottage cheese. Making paneer bhurji is similar … Read more

Sanja – Tikhat Sheera (Maharashtrian Breakfast Recipe)

Sanja - Tikhat Sheera (Maharashtrian Breakfast Recipe) https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/sanja-maharashtrian-breakfast-upma-snack-recipe-Indian-vegan-vegetarian-fiber-rich-healthy-breakfast-street-food-mumbai-marathi.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/breakfast-recipes/

62SharesSanja also known as tikhat sheera is a delicious, nutritious Maharashtrian breakfast recipe made with rava / sooji / semolina along with aromatic herbs. This is a quick, easy and simple vegan recipe best for beginners & bachelors that can be made in just under 20 minutes if you have roasted rava / semolina at … Read more

Sabudana Kheer Recipe | Tapioca Pudding

sabudana kheer sweet tapioca pudding sago Indian dessert vegetarian

12SharesSabudana kheer in English translates to Tapioca pudding made with tapioca pearls cooked in creamy milk and garnished with roasted dry fruits and aromatic spice. This is a vegetarian, gluten-free dessert and beginner-friendly recipe. Sabudana kheer is a popular dessert made in India on auspicious and festive occasions. This sabudana / tapioca dessert is also … Read more

Lemon Rice Recipe- Chitranna

Lemon Rice Recipe- Chitranna https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/lemon-rice-1.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/breakfast-recipes/

216SharesLemon rice popularly known as Chitranna is a South Indian rice recipe. This is a vegan, beginner & bachelor-friendly, no onion no garlic recipe. Lemon rice is a mildly spiced rice dish made using leftover rice that is tempered with flavourful herbs and nuts. This is an easy, simple staple food that is frequently made … Read more

Instant Sweet Corn Chilla | Sweet Corn Pancake

sweet corn chilla vegan

44SharesSweet Corn Chilla (Sweet Corn Pancake) is a savory Indian pancake that is made using sweet corn kernels along with gram flour, rice flour, herbs & spices. This is a vegan, wholesome, nutritious pancake that is best served for breakfast or for evening snacks along with a cup of tea or coffee. This Sweet Corn Chilla (Sweet Corn … Read more

Kanda Poha Recipe (Maharashtrian Breakfast) |Kande Pohe Recipe

Kanda Poha Recipe (Maharashtrian Breakfast) |Kande Pohe Recipe https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/vegan-vegetarian-indian-breakfast-recipe-kanda-poha1.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/breakfast-recipes/

323SharesKande pohe is a classic Indian breakfast recipe originating in the west coast of India, especially in Maharashtra and Gujrat. Kande means onion, finely chopped onions are used in this recipe. Pohe or poha means flattened rice/ beaten rice that is parboiled at first and then flattened. This is a healthy iron-rich vegan breakfast recipe. … Read more

Batatyachi Sukhi Bhaji | Batata Bhaji | Aloo Ki Sabzi | Boiled Potato Stir Fry

Batatyachi Sukhi Bhaji | Batata Bhaji | Aloo Ki Sabzi | Boiled Potato Stir Fry https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/IMG_28022021_135846_650_x_650_pixel.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/breakfast-recipes/

212SharesBatatyachi sukhi bhaji is a traditional Maharashtrian recipe made out of boiled potatoes which are then tempered with minimal spices and herbs such as mustard seeds, green chilles, curry leaves to name a few. Batata in English means Potato, Sukhi means Dry and Bhaji means Vegetable. This is a dry vegetable preparation hence the name … Read more