Lal Bhoplyachi Puri – Pumpkin Masala Puri

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Lal bhoplyachi puri in English translates to pumpkin poori (savoury) and in Hindi is known as Kaddu ki poori. Lal bhopla is also known as red pumpkin in English and kaddu in Hindi. This is a vegan, no onion no garlic and beginner-friendly Indian snack recipe.

Pumpkin masala poori is a deep-fried savoury puffed puri made with red pumpkin that is mixed with whole wheat flour along with spices and herbs.

Lal Bhoplyachi Puri - Pumpkin Masala Puri

These puris taste delicious when paired with tea or with curries like aloo sabji, aloo matar curry, bhandarewale kaddu ki sabji (sweet & sour pumpkin curry)

In India, puris are a popular breakfast option served with aloo sabji (potato curry). Also, this puri can be relished as an evening snack or as a part of the meal.

In Marathi, we call them tikhat mithachi puri. This is such a versatile recipe, that you can vary the herbs and spices as per your preference.

This kaddu ki puri makes a tasty option for kids lunch box along with aloo sabji or tomato ketchup.

This masala poori turns out crispy and can be included for family get-togethers or for long picnic rides.

These savoury pumpkin pooris are often made in Indian households and everyone has a unique way of making them. Many times kasuri methi ie. dried fenugreek leaves are added which imparts an amazing flavour to this puris.

Making this pumpkin poori is very easy and requires only staple ingredients that are easily available in your pantry.

There are two ways in which you can make this pumpkin puri. One is to use boiled pumpkin and mix it in the flour along with spices or the second one is to grate the pumpkin and mix it with flour.

I normally prefer boiled pumpkin as it is already cooked and makes it easy to fry in the oil.

At my home, we love to eat puris with curries or as an evening snack with chai ( Indian Tea). Our most loved puris are palak puri (spinach puri), lauki ki puri (bottle gourd) and plain puri made with only whole wheat flour.

We also make a sweet version of this red pumpkin puri which is a traditional Maharashtrian dish known as Lal Bhoplyache Gharge.

These are made using mixing boiled or grated pumpkin with jaggery. I have shared the recipe of the same on my blog, if interested do check it out (Lal Bhoplyache Gharge Recipe).

This delicious Indian puffed bread is fried in oil making it a vegan dish, unlike plain puris which are mostly fried in ghee. This is an easy recipe for beginners too.

Normally whole wheat flour is used in making this puri, but you can also make use of all-purpose flour (maida) or a combination of all-purpose flour and wheat flour.

This lal bhoplyacha purya turn out crispy and tasty. This also makes a perfect brunch idea for weekends.

As lal bhopla / kaddu / pumpkin is available throughout the year it becomes very easy to make this puri at any given time of the year.

To make this masala pumpkin puri, the pumpkin is cooked and mashed. Then wheat flour is added to this mixture along with spices and without adding any water stiff dough is kneaded.

The dough is rested for 15-20 minutes and then rolled into puris which are then deep-fried in oil.

Serve with chutney, pickles or with curries and vegetables.

Pumpkin: I have used boiled pumpkin, which I mashed and mixed in flours.

Flour: I have used whole wheat flour here along with semolina / sooji / rawa which helps gives this puri that nice crunch.

Spices & Herbs: I have used very basic spices like coriander powder, cumin powder, red chilli powder along with carom seeds and coriander leaves.

Seasonings: I seasoned this puri with salt

Oil: I used 1 tablespoon of oil to apply to the dough and also for deep frying.

Water: To cook pumpkin

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Food FAQ’s

Let’s see how to make Lal bhoplyachi puri / pumpkin masala puri with simple basic ingredients in your home kitchen.

Lal Bhoplyachi Puri - Pumpkin Masala Puri
  • 250 grams Red Pumpkin (cubed & boiled) {alternately, you can grate the uncooked pumpkin}
  • 1 1/2 cup wheat flour {I ended up using 1.5 cups of flour. As we are not using water, the measurement of wheat flour will vary according to the moisture in the pumpkin}
  • 1/4th cup semolina/sooji / rawa
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 2 teaspoon coriander powder
  • 1 teaspoon cumin powder
  • 1 teaspoon carom seeds (ajwain)
  • 1 teaspoon red chilli powder
  • 2 teaspoon coriander leaves (cilantro) finely chopped
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for frying

  • First, we need to boil the pumpkin. You may also grate the pumpkin if you want.
  • In a vessel, add water along with peeled and cubed pumpkin.
  • Cook pumpkin till it goes tender. Cool and discard the water.
  • Boiled pumpkin for making puri is ready.
Lal Bhoplyachi Puri - Pumpkin Masala Puri
Let’s make puri dough:
  • In a mixing bowl/plate, add boiled pumpkin and mash it till smooth.
Lal Bhoplyachi Puri - Pumpkin Masala Puri
  • Add wheat flour and semolina along with spices, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, ajwain (carrom seeds) and finely chopped coriander leaves.
Lal Bhoplyachi Puri - Pumpkin Masala Puri
  • Now without using water, knead a stiff dough. Apply oil all over the kneaded dough so that it won’t dry out.
Lal Bhoplyachi Puri - Pumpkin Masala Puri
  • Cover and rest the dough for about 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, knead the dough once again to smooth it out.
  • Take a small ball of dough and roll poori from it.
Lal Bhoplyachi Puri - Pumpkin Masala Puri
  • The thickness of the poori should not be very thin or very thick.
  • Use oil while rolling out the pooris. Do not use wheat flour while rolling poori.
  • Deep fry these poori’s in hot oil until they turn golden brown from both sides.
Lal Bhoplyachi Puri - Pumpkin Masala Puri
  • Keep the flame on medium while frying.
  • Lal Bhoplyachi Masala Puri / Savoury Pumpkin Masala Puri is ready.

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