Tomato Saar | Maharashtrian Tomatocha Saar Recipe

Tomato Saar | Maharashtrian Tomatocha Saar Recipe

Tomato saar is an authentic Maharashtrian version of the famous Tomato Soup. This tomato saar is mildly spiced, sweet & tangy in taste. This saar is made using fresh ripe tomatoes along with herbs and spices. This is a healthy, no onion no garlic, beginner-friendly, gluten-free and vegan recipe. About Tomatocha Saar (Tomato Soup) Tomato … Read more

Sabudana Khichdi | Maharashtrian Sabudanyachi Khichadi

Sabudana khichadi khichdi Maharashtrian breakfast snack vrat upvas fasting navratri mahashivratri ashadi ekadashi tapioca upma Indian vegetarian gluten-free recipe

Sabudana khichdi is a popular Indian Fasting / Vrat / Upvas recipe made with sabudana pearls (also known as sago or tapioca Pearls), potatoes and roasted peanut powder. Apart from being a fasting dish, this sabudana khichdi is often prepared in Indian households for breakfast or as an evening snack. About Sabudana Khichadi The recipe … Read more

Maharashtrian Ratalyacha Kees |Shakarkand Upma | Grated Sweet Potato Stir Fry

upvas vrat recipe of ratalyacha kees sweet potato upma

Ratalyacha kees (Grated Sweet Potato ) is a traditional Maharashtrian recipe made by grating the sweet potato and tempering it with herbs & spices. This is a gluten-free, no onion no garlic recipe, beginner-friendly, upvas / vrat recipe. About Ratalyacha Kees Ratala in English means Sweet Potato and kees means grated. Hence ratalyacha kees means … Read more