Kanda Bhaji | Crispy Onion Pakoda | Onion Fritters

Kanda Bhaji | Crispy Onion Pakoda | Onion Fritters https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/IMG_20221105_123357.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/street-food/

Kanda bhaji also known as pyaz ke pakode & onion fritters is a fried crispy and spicy Indian snack made with thinly sliced onions that are covered with besan (gram flour) along with herbs and spices. This is a vegan and beginner-friendly recipe. Onion fritters / kanda bhaji are mostly prepared for evening snacks or … Read more

Matkiche Vade – Matki Pakoda

Matkiche Vade - Matki Pakoda https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/550.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/street-food/

Matki Che Vade or Matki Pakode in English translates to sprouted moth bean fritters. These matkiche vade / matki pakode is a delicious vegan, plant-based and gluten-free pakode recipe. These are also reffered to as matki chi bhajji, matki ke pakode or matki bhajiya.Monsoon season has started and this is a perfect excuse to indulge … Read more

How to make Dabeli -Popular Indian Street Food

How to make Dabeli -Popular Indian Street Food https://thespicycafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/indian-street-food-snack-kutchi-dabeli-recipe-potato-aloo-filling-in-bread-vegetarian-recipe.jpg https://thespicycafe.com/tag/street-food/

Let’s see how to make this popular street food snack. Dabeli is one the most popular Indian street food of India originating from kutch region of Gujrat. A spicy, tangy potato filling along with some raw onions, pomegranate kernels and spicy peanuts filled into soft buns called as pav along with tamarind chutney and garlic … Read more