Nimbu Shikanji Sharbat | Indian Style Masala Lemonade

27SharesShikanji is a popular Indian drink made using fresh lemon juice that is spiced up with a unique blend of masala and served chilled. This is a tangy, sweet vegan and gluten-free refreshing drink. Shikanji also known as Shikanjvi, Shikanjbi and Shikanjbeen is a lemon-based drink originating in the northern part of India. Unlike lemonade, Shikanji contains … Read more

Kairiche Panhe | Aam Panna With Jaggery

61SharesKairiche Panhe / Kairi Panhe / Aam Panna is a famous refreshing traditional Maharashtrian Drink made using Raw Mangoes which adds a nice tangy flavour to this drink. Indian summers are harsh! Living in tropical climate like India, one needs to keep themselves hydrated through out this summer. You will hardly find any one who … Read more

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