10 Super Simple Indian Breakfast Recipes To Try 

Sanja (Spicy Upma) A traditional Maharashtrian dish that is quite similar to upma but on the spicy side.

Masala Egg Omelette Makes a perfect protein-rich breakfast with buttered bread slices & tomato ketchup.

Medu Vada A super crispy lentil vada dunked in sambar along with coconut chutney is a real breakfast treat.

Lemon Rice A delicious South Indian breakfast made with leftover rice infused with nuts & spices.

Rava Masala Dosa A crispy & lacy dosa made without fermentation. Stuffed with spicy flavourful potato filling.

Dadpe Pohe (Dum Poha) A no-cook poha recipe where thin variety of poha along with freshly scrapped coconut is used & infused with spices.

Idli Chutney A comfort food at it's best! A healthy & nutritous breakfast dish.

Bread Upma Made with leftover bread that is tossed with onions & herbs. Makes a perfect tea-time snack too.

Moong Dal Dosa (Pesarattu) A healthy, nutritious breakfast made with whole green moong dal.

Ragi Dosa A super healthy dosa recipe made with ragi flour. Pairs best with coconut chutney.