10 Super Easy Maharashtrian Recipes To Make Under 30 Minutes

Lal Bhopla Gharge Also known as sweet pumpkin poori is a traditional Maharashtrian recipe made with pumpkin puree & whole wheat flour.

Khamanga Kakdi A refreshing cucumber salad with mild tempering. Makes a perfect side dish with meals.

Sabudana Thalipeeth Made with soaked tapioca pearls, potatoes & peanuts. It's chruncy & super delicious snack.

Policha Ladoo Also known as roti ke laddu is a sweet dish made with leftover roti & jaggery.

Kande Pohe An authentic Maharashtrian breakfast recipe. Taste delicious with hot cup of tea.

Dudhi Bhopla Vade Best tea time snack recipe.That is lauki ki poori is a wonderful, crispy pooris made with grated lauki & gluten-free flours. 

Amti A quintessential dal recipe made with tamarind & jaggery. This taste sweet & tangy & pairs best with steamed rice.

Dadpe Pohe A no cook pohe recipe made with thin variety of poha that is tossed with fresh coconut & spices.

Batata Bhaji A traditional recipe made with boiled potatoes tossed in mild tempering. Best best with poori & shrikhanda.

Phodnichi Poli  Tadka Roti is a delicious breakfast recipe that is made with leftover roti. This pairs best with tea & coffee.