10 Authentic Maharashtrian Snack Recipes You Should Definitely Try

Sanja (Spicy Upma) This is an authentic Maharastrian breakfast recipe very similar to upma but quite easier & with all together different taste.

Policha Ladoo (Roti Ke Laddu) Made with leftiover chapati along with jaggery & flavourful cardamon. This makes a perfect healthy dessert that is loved by kids & adults.

Dudhi Bhoplyache Vade (Lauki Ki Poori) Made with grated dudhi that is infused with spices & kneaded in gluten-free flour. Makes a perfect tea-time snack.

Dadpe Pohe (Dum Poha) A no cooking method of poha in which thin variety of poha is lett to soak with fresh coconut & spiced with aromatic tadka. This is a popular breakfast recipe.

Kothimbir Vadi A quintessential Maharashtrian snack recipe. Made with fresh coriander leaves along with garlic & besan. Makes a perfect snack for tea-time & as a side dish to meals.

Malvani Vade Made with rice flour & urad dal, these vade are eaten with spicy curries & makes a best tea-time accompaniment.

Sabudana Khichdi Soft sago pearls tossed with roasted peanut powder & potatoes. Make a perfect upvas snack & breakfast.

Lal Bhopla Gharge (Sweet Pumpkin Puri) Made with grated red pumpkin along with jaggery. This is a traditional Maharashtrian dish. Taste wonderful & loved by kids.

Kande Pohe Another quintessential Maharashtrian breakfast recipe that is made with flattened rice & tossed in flavorful tempering of onion spices & herbs.

Phodnichi Poil (Tadka Roti) Made using leftover roti that is tossed with herbs & spices. Makes a perfect evening snack & breakfast option.