7 Easy South Indian Breakfast Recipes You Will Love To Try Out

Jowar Idli A healthy version of idli made using sorghum millet . Serve with coconut chutney & sambar.

Pineapple Kesari A sweet semolina pudding infused with pineapple syrup. Easy & quick to make.

Pesarattu Also called as Moong Dal Dosa is a healthy protein-rich dosa that is often served for breakfast or light meal.

Lemon Rice Also called Chitranna is a nutty, tangy rice recipe made with leftover rice. 

Rava Masala Dosa A delicious, thin, lacy rava dosa stuffed with spicy & flavourful potato stuffing.

Medu Vada A doughnut shaped crispy vada made up of lentils. High in protein & taste delicious.

Ragi Dosa (Finger Millet Dosa) A nutritious healthy dosa that is high in iron & fiber. Taste delicious with coconut chutney.