7 Easy  & Quick Indian Breakfast Recipes You Must Try

Semiya Upma A traditional South Indian breakfast recipe mildly spiced with lentils, herbs and cashew.

Idli Chutney A popular Indian breakfast served with flavourful coconut chutney & tangy sambar

Dal Pakwan A Sindhi delicacy with crispy fried pakwan topped with flavourful dal along with sweet & spicy chutney & raw onions. 

Sanja (Spicy Upma)  A traditional Maharashtrian recipe that is quite similar to upma but a little spicy with totally different flavours!

Palak Dhokla A unique twist to regular khaman dhokla. With the addition of pureed spinach. Makes a filling  & nutritious dish.

Bread Upma Bread upma is one of the quickest, tasty, and easy-to-make recipes that is best served with a hot cup of tea or coffee. 

Raagi Dosa Made with one of the healthiest millet this dosa turns out crispy, lacy & delicious.