7 Easy & Quick Dry Sabji Recipes Best For Tiffin Box

Aloo Gavar Ki Sabji A simple and nutritious vegetable full of fiber & nutrition. Pairs very well with phulka or roti. 

Aloo Gobi Sabji A simple homestyle sabzi preparation. This is our go-to dish for quick & easy lunch box. Full of flavours & amazing texture. 

Aloo Ki Sabji A simple & quick preparation of aloo tossed with herbs & spices. Pairs perfect with poori & roti. 

Bhindi Masala Sabji The green nutritious bhindi is tossed in onion tomato masala that is spiced up with fennel seeds that imparts a delicious sweet aroma to this dish.

Aloo Shimla Sabji Quick & easy everyday kind of recipe made with potatoes and capsicum, stir-fried with aromatic spices. 

Garlicky Cabbage Potato Sabji This cabbage sabzi makes a perfect tiffin box option for kids as well as adults with soft roti and pickle by the side. 

Aloo Palak Sabji This vegan sabzi can be made in a jiffy and does not require any fancy ingredients. Made with just basic pantry staples this nutritious vegetable taste delicious and filling.