10 Best & Easy Maharashtrian Recipes You Need To Try

Pithla A comforting curry made with spring onions & besan. Pairs best with jowar bhakri.

Bharli Vangi (Stuffed Eggplants) A nutty curry made with small purple eggplants simmered in peanut based gravy.

Matki Usal A nutritious & easy to make sprout recipe that goes well with chapati. Easy to make & taste delicious.

Amti A sweet, tangy & spicy dal made with tamarind & jaggery also called as chincha gulachi amti. Pairs best with steamed rice.

Dalimbi Khichdi Also called as vaalachi khichdi. Made with kade vaal that is infused with aromatic spices & herbs.This is a one-pot meal.

Vangyacha Bharit Also called as baingan bharta is a unique way in which the tempeing is added to grilled eggplant along with peanut powder.

Tondlicha Bhaat A unique varient of Masale bhat. This is made using ivy gourd also called as tendli. Made for special auspicious occasions.

Khamanga Kakdi A quintessential Maharashtrian salad also called as koshimbir. A super refreshing salad that is served in every Maharashtrian thali.

Vaalache Birde Also called as dalimbi usal is a popular sprouts curry. Made in coconut based green masala.

Batata Sukhi Bhaji A traditional sabzi recipe that is super simple to make & is served with puffed pooris.