10 Best & Easy Indian Curry Recipes  You  Need To Try

Kaju Curry A delightful balance of flavours, with the creaminess of cashews, the tanginess of tomatoes, and the warmth of aromatic spices coming together harmoniously.

Bharwa Baingan A traditional Maharashtrian recipe full of aromatic flavours made using goda masala, jaggery and peanuts!

Lasooni Tadka Dal A delicious curry infused with crispy smokey chunks of garlic. 

Green Moong Dal Curry A simple nutritious everyday kind of lentil curry best paired with roti or rice. 

Aloo Matar A delicious creamy curry made with fresh green peas & potatoes simmered in rich tomato gravy.

Matar Ke Chole This is a vegan, protein-rich,diabetic-friendly, one-pot curry best served with any flatbread or with jeera rice. 

Aloo Ki Rassewali Curry A perfect meal for lazy weeknights. All you need is two basic vegetables and you are good to go!

Kala Chana Masala An easy, quick & nutritious curry that pairs best with paratha & steamed rice. 

Dal Dhokli A perfect combination of spiced wheat flour dumplings simmered in sweet, spicy & tangy dal. 

Corn Palak Curry A homestyle curry made with boiled sweet corn kernels drenched in smooth flavourful spinach gravy.