Gul Poli - Gud Ki Roti Makar Sankrant Special

Dry roast 1 cup til.  Heat 1 tbsp oil & roast besan till it releases aroma

Cool the roastead til & besan 

In a mixer grinder, add roasted til,  besan, cardamon powder and jaggery and blend them to a coarse powder.

In a mixing plate/bowl, add whole wheat flour, salt and oil.

Mix this mixture first without adding water.

Once the mixture starts to bind as shown in the picture , start adding water.

Add water little by little at a time to knead the dough. The dough should not be too stiff nor too soft.

 Take a golf ball size portion of the wheat dough and make a cavity (dent) in the centre.

Place a spoonful of tilgul stuffing 

Seal the edges 

Using dry wheat flour, roll the the poli / roti 

Poli / Roti should be not very thick

Transfer the poli onto the hot tava / griddle.

Apply ghee and roast the poli on medium flame from both sides.

Cook the poli till you see brown spots appear.

Gul Poli - Gud Ki Roti Is Ready