6  Upvas / Vrat Recipes For Ashadi Ekadashi 

Shakkarkand Upma (Ratala Kees) Made with grated sweet potatoes that are tossed with cumin, green chillies & roasted peanut powder

Sabudana Khichdi A qunitessential vrat recipe that is easy to make & filling. Made with sago pearls & roasted peanuts.

Sabudana Kheer A sweet indulgence made with soaked sabudana simmered in full fat milk along with cashews, raisins & almonds.

Sweet Potato Sabzi Steamed potatoes tossed with basic spices & garnished with freshly scrapped coconut.

Farali Pattice (Upvas Pattice) Sweet, tangy & crispy balls made with potatoes & coconut. Makes a perfect upvas snack.

Sabudana Thalipeeth Made with boiled potatoes, sabudana, roasted peanuts & lots of green chillies. Pairs best with plain curd.